Pink Neon Corset and Tutu

Have you seen the movie Burlesque? It didn’t get the best reviews but we loved the music. And weren’t the costumes just fab? Our favourites were Christine Aguilera’s green dress and her light pink corset with feather trim.  In fact the film was awash with beautiful corset style outfits. It’s not surprising then that burlesque style costumes are more sought after than ever.

Every woman should have at least one corset in their wardrobe. We don’t mean the underwear kind of course, but the type popularized by Vivian Westwood and others.  Wearing a corset as outerwear is extremely flattering. Not only that, but once you start to wear them, you find they’re a very versatile item to have in your wardrobe. .

Obviously not everyone can afford Westwood. Enter stage left our pink neon corset and tutu. We think they are brilliant value for money whether you want to wear them as fancy dress or not.  The outfit is part of our upmarket Fever range, costumes that have a life outside of fancy dress parties.

Our neon Fever Burlesque Beauty Costume is simply stunning. In a bright shade of neon pink, it makes a great outfit for a fancy dress party if you’re looking for something flattering and sexy, that’ll get you noticed for the right reasons!  The corset will make the most of your figure and the tutu helps to create a curvy look that’s also very slimming. It’s available in sizes small through large and unlike some other corsets runs true to size.

Some people don’t buy fancy dress costumes because they feel it’s extravagant if they aren’t going to wear the outfit again. That doesn’t apply here. Our pink neon corset and tutu looks fantastic teamed with black trousers or a skirt. As for the tutu, some people wear them over jeans or leggings.  If you have a knack for styling you’ll find something to team it up with! To paraphrase a quote from Burlesque people won’t be able to take their eyes off you.


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