Names Sake Fancy Dress


I was out and about in Bath city centre a few months back and in a bar was a group of students all dressed up. They all looked absolutely amazing! Me and some friends sat people watching for a while and after about ten minutes of wondering I couldn't take it any more, I had to ask what the theme was, simply because we just could not work it out. All the costumes seemed so random and vast, from a can of beer to Jane from Tarzan.
They looked like a friendly bunch so I approached one of them and asked... "what is the theme of this gathering?", a Giant can of Fosters lager turned around to me and said.. "Names Sake".. Still confused I then asked "What on earth is that?" by this time I was feeling like perhaps I was missing the point and feeling a little silly. The response "You have to dress up as something related to your name!" WOW, what an amazing idea! by this point I did feel a little silly so backed away and carried on admiring the great costumes but now we could start guessing the peoples names!
I mean it was genius, you had
Tarzan's Jane - obvious one her name was Jane
A Can of Fosters Beers - Her surname must have been Fosters or Foster
Men in Black - Either Will or Smith or Both! hahaha
It was simply great and I wanted to share this with you incase one day you are wanting to throw a fancy dress bash and make it really varied and give your guests a MASSIVE choice of what to dress up as.
Have you got any great ideas? perhaps you have been to an equally genius fancy dress themed party, email us your ideas and we'll share them with the world!

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