Great new improvements to our website

If you have visited our site before you will probably already be noticing that we have made some drastic improvements, and if you have never visited before, welcome and we hope you like our website. Let me just take a moment to point out some of the great improvements our new website brings overall making your shopping experience with us more streamline and enjoyable!

Site Navigation

Below you will see first and foremost we have made our main site navigation much easier to use. Incorporating a handy hover menu to display some of our most popular themes you can access them directly or simply click the main 'Browse Themes' button or 'View more' to see the full listing of fancy dress themes. Similarly we wanted to keep things simple hence giving you the ability to browse by theme, by gender or for accessories and for good measure we have given you direct easy access to our fancy dress ideas section which is designed to get your inspiration going.

Site Search

All too often we have always found customers searching for things using plurals, using incorrect spellings and all sorts of other random search strings. Unfortunately we aren’t Google, our search isn't that clever. However, because of this we've worked hard on bringing forward a suggest search which hopefully will help you find what you need easier. Our search will work as you type and will suggest products that match what you are typing but more importantly will provide a link to their category in our store, which is way better than just seeing one product, you'll be able to see loads more products that you might be interested in and give you more ideas.

Product Listings

We know everyone hates flicking through pages and pages of products trying to find exactly what they want. That's why we have developed a 'listing sorter' (above the listing) allowing you to sort the results by price, name etc. and also a 'listing filter' (left of the listing) which removes products that do not match your selected criteria theme, type, price or size.

Product Pages

We have been keen to make sure that you do not have to visit load and load of pages to get the info you need. For this reason on our product pages we have the following new improvements. In-line image zoom and swap, this means to zoom in on photos and to view additional images can all be done on the same page without having to load images in new windows etc. Matching items – where possible we now have suggested matching items available to add to your cart all together at the same time as adding your costumes, no more searching around for matching products. Size guide quick reference, this is a neat little hover over question mark giving you basic sizing info without having to leave the page and go to the size chart (of course it also links to the size chart if you want more info). Last but not least we have the recent products widget, this is available on most pages and gives you access to the last 3 products you have viewed so that if you need to get back to something, it save you clicking you back button all the time!

Well I hope you like the new website and some of the improvements, of course there are others, but i'll let you surf around and check them out for yourself.

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