Festivals in Fancy Dress

The sun has eventually come out ! This time of year is one of my favourite times of year. It’s festival season. Its a great time to get together with your friends and family and go and watch your favourite bands and singers. Its an amazing opportunity to learn about different types of music and cultures at different stands and become a future great fan of something new and up and coming.

The usual dress code is shorts or skirt, T-shirt or vest, scruffy hair, funky shades and not forgetting wellington boots. It’s a real education gong to festivals, people observing the festival veterans with their collection of wrist bands up to their elbows, never been removed from each festival they have been to. Just like having a collection of medals.

Have you considered going to a festival in fancy dress? Its a great way of having fun, showing your creative side and getting noticed!

Anyone who attended this years Secret Garden Party at Mill Hill Field, Grange Farm Huntingdon would tell you apart from the swamps of mud, all you could see was groups of friends, couples and families in fancy dress.

I’ve compliled a list of some upcoming festivals in summer 2012 to look out for.

V Festival Chelmsford and Staffordshire Fri 17 Aug – Sun 19 Aug

Reading and Leeds Festival Wed 22 Aug – Sun 26 Aug

Creamfields, Daresbury, Cheshire Fri 24 Aug – Sun 26 Aug

Bestival, Isle of Wight Thu 6 Sep – Sun 9 Sep

If you love the festival vibe but cant stand the camping, mud and not having a shower for days, there is nothing stopping you having a festival vibe BBQ in your garden with the TV or radio coverage from your favourite festival complimenting the sunshine.

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