Choosing a theme for your fancy dress party

Deciding to have a fancy dress party is a good choice. Fancy dress is a terrific way to get people to relax more quickly and focus on enjoying themselves. However it’s not well understood that choosing a good theme can mean the difference between a great turnout and disappointment. You see, if you make your theme too specific or don’t gear it to your guests you’re likely to put people off.

Let’s take a couple of examples to show what we mean. Let’s suppose you’re sci-fi mad. So you opt for an ‘aliens’ theme.  Well this is probably too specific for most people who will be left stumped for homemade options or even a shop bought range. Why not opt for a film and TV theme or even a colour theme such as silver and white? A thoughtful host makes it easy for guests to find options that fit in with the party theme.

You might have arty friends or friends who have the time to put together a costume. But most fancy dress party guests rely on shop bought costumes and / or accessories. Before finalising your choice of theme you may want to search what’s available. A tip: search online rather than on the high street. Online fancy dress stores have huge ranges because space isn’t an issue. Remember keep your guests in mind. For example, Cowboys and Indians work well as a theme for a kids or adults party. Likewise Fairies and Fairy tales. Colour themes work well too.

Remember, as a host, you want your party to be a talking point for the right reasons. You can help guests further by making sure they know homemade costumes are fine but suggesting stockists of fancy dress costumes and accessories can help fire their imagination and help those likely to sort a costume out at the last minute. We all know someone like that! Perhaps even encourage guests to be a bit competitive. Awarding prizes for best/silliest /best female/ best male costume might be just thing to get people to make an extra effort.


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