80s Fancy Dress Costumes

CLICK FOR 80S FANCY DRESSC'mon. Who doesn't love the 80s? All together now: wake me up before you go go, don't leave me hanging on the phone. Those were the days. Shoulders were square and hair was big. Men wore mullets, ladies wore leggings. We might have had miners' strikes and the poll tax but there was Wham, Boy George, Queen, Van Halen, and Madness. Something for everyone!
Are some remnants of the 80s lurking in the back of your wardrobe? Be honest. Perhaps a favourite slogan tee-shirt? Leggings? Or even a shell suit. Remember them?

Possibly the most glam decade of all, there's no better theme for your fancy dress. Along with the 70s this was the decade where music really influenced fashion. Think big hair, fake tan, mohawks, sequins, flares, shoulder pads and over-the-top hair. What 80s fashion statement are you?
Of course not all 80s fashion was good. Oversized batwing tops and stirrup pants are probably not a good look even for fancy dress. But an 80s theme will bring out the disco diva in you – and that's just the boys!

Womens 80s Costumes
Ladies can have a field day. There are a number of hot sexy 80s fancy dress costumes. Miniskirts are an obvious one. But if you'd prefer to show less flesh, match with leggings. A wig can make an outfit, whether you want to be a glamorous 80s rock star or the queen of punk or Fame extra..

Mens Costume Ideas
Whether you spent the 80s singing along to ska or arm wrestling with your air guitar there are some fun looks for men. Fancy yourself as a bit of a hard man? Why not go with an edgy punk look. Glam rock wannabe? You'll need the right hair and shiny all-in-one. Team a pop related outfit with a matching mullet.

Our top tip for new romantics and rockers out there? Don't forget makeup. It will complete your 80s look whether you're male or female.


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