60s Fancy Dress Ideas

60’s fancy dress should be fun, even frivolous and stylish. After all, there’s no mistaking a 60s inspired outfit. Think hippie chic and flower power, mods, Twiggy, the Beatles, beehives for the ladies and long hair or a bowl cut for the men.

In the 1960s colours were often psychedelic, wide bell bottoms trousers were in fashion and anyone who could get away with one wore a mini dress or mini skirt. Of course, it was also during the 60s that England won the World Cup and man was on the moon. ~best to think in terms of black and white or rich, bright colours: the more garish the better. Women generally find it easier to conjure up a 60’s inspired outfit. If you look at some of our women’s 60s costumes, many are based around mini dresses. Some bear a striking resemblance to today’s kaftan and tunic tops.

So start by raking through your closets. You may already own an item that could be the basis of your outfit. Admittedly men might not own many colourful clothes. But you may be able to lay your hands on a parka (very modish) or an old football strip. Even an old shell suit (remember them?) can be the basis of your outfit. Accessories play a key part in finishing off a 60’s costume. In fact, if you have 60’s inspired accessories, they can place just about any outfit in the right era. Wigs, glasses and jewellery are the most important things to think about. For example, oversized sunglasses are very popular right now but can fit right in with a 60s costume.

You’ll find a large range of 60s wigs online. Hippie wigs or tashes for men will instantly get you into a 60’s groove. Likewise beehives for ladies. Of course there are some things you can’t replicate at home. If you’ve got a burning desire to be a space man you will have to buy a costume or there is a danger you could end up looking like one of the cybermen. But if you’re a Doctor Who fan perhaps that’s OK, because they are a 60s icon too!


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